Potato and Greens Soup

Like so many of my soups, I start with a butter and onion base and add what I have available. A little experimentation is fun.

Any pretty little potatoes will do.
I like the bite of mustard greens, but any greens are fine.

With a base of butter, vidalia onions and leeks, I diced small potatoes and sauteed the lot. After adding water the soup was boiled until the potatoes were almost cooked.

I added fresh mustard greens and kale.

Corn on the cob is often pricey, so I settled for adding a can of corn kernals found on sale at Bells for 0.25ea. If fresh corn is available use two cobs.

Add 2-3 veggie bouillon cubes. Add water as needed to just cover the mix. Cook another 5 minutes. If fresh corn is used, it will take a little longer to allow the corn to cook.

Add 1-1&1/2 cp milk. Warm and serve.

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