Chunky Raita


Mix together
16 oz plain yogurt plus

Grate 1 whole cucumber, medium or large. Peel if waxed. Include the juice when you add the cucumber to the mix.

1 stalk green onion. Cut the green part into tiny circles.
*Mince the white part and set aside for the true onion lovers to use as a topping.

Dice and add 1 or 2 small roma tomato including juice and seed.

1/2 tsp cumin ground

1/2 tsp cayenne
or 1 tsp chili powder will do if you fear the hotter stuff

1 heaping TBSP mint chutney or 2-3 tbsp fresh mint or 2 tbsp dried mint, if nothing else is available. The mint chutney is preferable because most are made with a "bite".

Some raita purists argue that mint chutney should be separate from raita. I admit my raita does cheat by adding the coolness of the mint to the coolness of the yogurt but it is well worth a taste.

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