Dekalb Farmer's Market

Shop at the Dekalb Farmer's Market and get some great deals on spices.

Crushed red pepper 0.77 4oz
Caraway seed 0.77 5 oz
Ground Coriander 0.63 5oz
Parsley Flakes 0.49 1 oz
Dill Seed 0.60 5 oz
Poppy Seed 0.72 5 oz
Chives Dried 0.40 1oz
Whole Cloves 1.92 5 oz
Cinnamon 1.00 8.5oz
Fennel Seed 0.65 4oz
Dried Pepperment 0.48 1oz
Dried Spearmint 0.39 1oz
Curry Powder 1.12 4 oz
Chili Powder 1.12 5oz
White Pepper 3.02 10oz
Mustard Seed 0.90 7oz
Imitation Bacon Bits 0.55 4oz

The beauty of a place like Dekalb FM is the choice available compared to the local grocery stores like Publix and Kroger. When you do find some of these spices, the prices are outrageous. And forget about a WalMart having anything outside the basics.

The produce at DFM is unlike anything sold by even the local organic farmers collectives and farmer's market. As an international community, Atlanta caters to the diverse global tastes of its diaspora populations.

Durian, watercress, jerusalem artichokes, papayas, mangos, drumstick, fenugreek, fresh figs are but a small sample of the produce offerings. Canned and dried items, sweets freshly made or from around the world, breads, cookies and muffins, fresh juices, large wine selection, dozens of cheeses, bakery, per lb buffet, and for the meat eaters, fresh seafood (some still swimming!) and so much more.

Definitely worth a couple of hours in the car with the kids.

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