Falafel King flops

Out on errands today my husband and I were looking for a new place to eat so we tried Falafel King on Baxter Street in Athens, GA. We were more than disappointed. It was bland, even boring. But the kicker was the Seinfeldesque incident in the parking lot. Having had no garlic, no lemon, and bland hot sauce, we were not pleased when we left. The owner called out asking what we thought. My normally non confrontational husband said one word, "BORING!". It was one word too much. The owner followed him out into the parking lot and confronted him. "I"m 65 years old...I've been cooking for years... number of restaurants..." Then he asked, "Where have you had better falafel?" My husband answered honestly. "Falafel King in LA, California." The owner's reply was swift. "I taught those guys..." blah, blah, blah -Just like the food, blah. I never thought you could get indigestion from boring food, guess it takes a Seinfeld moment for it to kick in. Oh and if you wonder where I've had better falafel, three miles down the road at The Grit. Their Mid-E Platter with Falafel, tabouli salad with lemon tahini dressing, and garlic hummus, pita and fresh veggies is much tastier and there's more for the money too, all served on china with silverware to boot.

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