Dalek Cake

For my daughter's 16th birthday, by request, a Dr Who Dalek cake. I only have a few baking pans and they are regular size so I made due with what I had. Most Dalek cakes are upright and use smallish round pans and a dome pan. Using an 8 inch round, an 9 x 13 (twice) and an 8x8, I created a single layer cake.
Below is a rough sketch of how I cut the cake up.
Row 1- The 8 inch round was cut below the half mark for the head.
Row 2- The middle section was the 8 x 8 with a slight modification. A narrow V was cut from the middle to give it a slight angle on the sides. The halves were slid together. Then the part touching the head was cut to allow it to touch the half circle. The bottom angles were cut to create a straight edge also.
Row 3- Two 9 x 13 cakes were baked. A narrow V was cut from the inside part of each cake. The parts were pressed together. I cut twice to ensure the top lined up with the middle section. This took a little patience to get it just right. The top was leveled off to ensure it lined up with the middle section. The bottom was left angled at a V.

I used 3 cake mixes. One mix was split between the head and middle section. Make certain the mix level is the same in both pans. Memorize the level. Each half of the bottom section is one cake mix each. Pour in enough mix to match the level of the first two pans. Set aside extra mix; I was able to make 6 cupcakes from the remains.
When cutting, remember to cut so that the cut edges press against each other. The outside of the cake should be baked, not cut, so it's easy to frost.
I covered cardboard with aluminum foil for the base. I used white canned frosting (3 QTY). Thick icing seals the raw edges and seams beautifully. The head is covered with silver sprinkles. The eye stalk is a chop stick cut and covered with AL foil. A champagne cork wrapped in black electrical tape is stuck onto the chop stick. It is topped with a watch tin that has a clear top, which I inserted blue construction paper into.
I am still debating the "ears" made of a split cupcake in AL cup. I like it with and w/o, but my 16 yr old daughter is hard core nerd...

The middle section is made of white mints and small Hershey's bars. The "arms" are AL wrapped chop sticks with construction paper weapons attached. I swear, the weapons look like a whisk and a plunger in all the pictures online.
The "skirt", the bottom is blue sprinkles topped with miniature Oreo cookies and Junior Mints at the bottom.

This looks better than the Tardis cake we commissioned from a bakery last year. Hope my daughter likes it.

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  1. Great cake! I am going to make it tomorrow, cross fingers that it looks as good as yours!